The Linux Filesystem Hierarchical Standard

In Linux, and many other operating systems, directories can be structured in a tree-like hierarchy. The Linux directory structure is well defined and documented in the Linux Filesystem Hierarchy Standard (FHS). This standard has been put in place to ensure that all distributions of Linux are consistent in their directory usage. Such consistency makes writing and maintaining shell and compiled programs easier for SysAdmins because the programs, their configuration files, and their data, if any, should be located in the standard directories.

How is rebuilding a community after the death of an organization

For about ten years, a large number of writers from around the world contributed articles to OSDC, as we called it, published thousands of articles, helped to guide and mentor many of us as we began or boosted our writing careers. OSDC also helped some of us make connections into the book publishing world. We were a vibrant and active community.

OSDC was created and supported by Red Hat — until it was purchased by IBM and soon deemed extraneous.

Learn how is rebuilding that community.